Newsgroups vs. APD

   I've been reading about this discussion and I would have to conclude that
almost everyone wants thte APD to stay around.  That is fine, but I have a
couple of questions.
   1.  Did most of us read rec.aquaria before the recent subdivision?
   2.  If so, how did everyone here vote?

   My point in these questions is that the newsgroups was created.  The vote
showed the overwelming majority supporting it.  If you have access and didn't
vote, then I would be inclined to say that you souldn't be saying anything
now.  If you did vote and voted yes, then swallow the medicine and accept
your  fate.  And if you voted no, then I'm sorry to say that the majority
   I will readily admit that I like reading APD.  I do not have any great
experience with planted aquaria, but I have learned conciderably in the last
couple months.  I didn't vote since I felt that I hadn't been around long
enough to deserve to vote. 
    I will also agree that some of the people on the net are !@#$#$%s and
really annoying but that is (unfortuantely) part of the game.  We will
probably never correct nor rid ourselves of these people, but that is life.
    Finally, I would like to thank Shinji for his work to keep this list up
and running, and I would like to thank the people who reply to the many
questions submitted to the list.  Without both it would be what it is.

Pete Datcuk