Experts & Newbies, not Experts vs Newbies

Yesterday, I mailed a post expressing some frustration with some of the 
recent postings. I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I do get put-off by the 
lack of humility sometimes. This does not mean that I do not respect our most 
experienced members. To the contrary, I feel like I ought to ask for 
autographs from some of them. I know of no other place where one can converse 
with the foremost authorities on a given subject, and I feel privileged to be 
able to listen in. My advice, please be patient. If you feel that the 
question is too basic for you to respond to, don't. By definition, if you are 
an expert on a subject, you have more knowledge than everyone else. If you 
limit this discussion group to only experts, you will have only a handful of 
folks who are qualified to participate. Also, you will have to establish 
credentials as to whom is an expert. Even if you are successful at this, You 
will have lost a large group of people who are potentially valuable to this 
list. Newbie or not, These people can still comment on a wide range of 
topics; Such as new products, plant and fish sources, hardware sources, the 
quality of various mail-order houses, DIY projects, and on and on. Are you 
willing to deprive yourselves of this, or is your plan to establish a private 
elite group and still peak in on the regular group from time to time?
     Now for the good stuff, have any of our experts ever thought of 
authoring a book on our hobby? I think that we would all agree that there is 
a shortage of really good, beautifully illustrated books on aquarium plants. 
I would buy it. (providing you kept it affordable) Also, I would like to see 
an American viewpoint on the subject. Not that I have anything against our 
German and Japanese friends, but I don't believe that they are the only ones 
qualified to write books on the subject. My personal preference would be an 
illustrated plant identification book with a small how-to section. 
     How about inventing an affordable substrate heating system, or marketing 
a CO2 system that is both well made and affordable? How about a lighting 
system? How about making SAE's more available. 
     These are things that our hobby needs in order to go forward. I think 
that, if you consider yourself an expert and you are really concerned about 
the future of this hobby, then these are some areas where you could do a lot 
of good. Help someone else, and you become a better person. 
     If more people become involved in our hobby, then more and better 
products should become more available at a cheaper price. To use a cliche', " 
a rising tide lifts all ships". Excuse me now, I have to get down off this