Re: List Vs. Newsgroup

> From: rnisd0::mrgate::"a1::maladord"@2.6.ENET.my.domain
> Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 11:31:45 -0500
> Subject: Re: List Vs News Group
> I am also concerned. I really hope this list will continue to exist. I just
> joined it and found it great!
> I can access E-mail much more easily than news groups: for example, I read
> the Digest on my E-mail at work (no Usenet, WWW or similar staff available),
> and this helps me to cope with corporate life having brighter lunch breaks!
> At home I play just with plant and fish tanks, not with computers! 
> Can anyone explain what's the likelihood to have this Digest discontinued?

I've discussed this with several people, and their opinions seem to be
as diverse as those expressed on this list.

My inclination is to wait a couple of weeks to allow the dust to settle.
I expect that many folks will unsubscribe and move over to the newsgroup
in the meantime. Once we have a good idea of the nature and volume of
postings on the newsgroup, we can decide what we want to do.

We could dismantle the list, keep it running, or look into the possibility 
of some kind of mail to newsgroup gateway for people without Usenet access.
This last option requires some serious effort on the part of Mark Rosenstein
at actwin.com, who supplies the software and hardware resources for this
mailing list.

If there is sufficient interest in continuing the mailing list, I'd really
like to see someone else take over my job of keeping it running.

Shaji Bhaskar, Durham, North Carolina                   shaji at nando_net