Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #308

>> Now that I know that we are talking about Siamese Algae Eaters, could
>> please tell me if they are really the best fish going for planted tanks? Do
>> they never damage the plants?
>Yes, they are very good in planted aquariums:  they don't dig, they don't
>tear plants, they don't eat plants (except some duckweed and frogbit
>every now and then) and they don't harass other fishes.  Only problem
>with them is that they get big and are very actice, and so they need a
>big tank to live in.

One thing my SAEs have been doing is eating the finer hairs on the roots of
my floating watersprite and frogbit. This has not harmed the plants
themselves however.

I would love to see them tear across a 6-foot or longer tank! Now that my
4-incher has spent a few weeks in his 40-gallon home (3' long) and
stretched his muscles, that new tank is looking as cramped as his former
10-gallon (20" long) tank.

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