Re: electric current flow

>From: eis at alto1_altonet.com (Paul Nicholson)
>Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 13:57:16 -0800
>Subject: electric current flow
>KB Koh wrote
>Electric current actually take the path of least resistance. If one of your
>several items has a short circuit to ground, all the current will
>flow there and
>none to the rest of your items. The sum of current to all items is equal to the
>input current. Something got to do with Kirchoff(sp?) Law.
>Nope, electric current takes all paths in inverse proportion to their
>resistance, to oversimplify "Most of the electric current takes the path of
>least resistance". It's the currrent that does not go through the ground
>wire that you need to be concerned with.

In my reply to Nguyen post, I admitted my mistake in oversimplifying too much to
the original post. I'm could be electrical engineer too but won't admit it as 
I'm doing too much software :-)

Paranoid mode on:

Quick Boys and Girls, start removing all your powerhead, canister filter, power 
filter, internal canister or what have you got in your tank that directly use 
main 110V supply. The main supply can leak to your tank any time and cause major
health hazard. The insulator may break. The impeller housing may spring a leak. 
Your shark may bite the main cable in your tank that carry 110V. blah..blah... 
I'm paranoid already ;-)

Paranoid mode off:

If the heating cable has been tested by electrical appliances certification 
laboratory, then we can trust it, just like we trust our powerhead, heater etc.,
etc. The DIY is the one we have to worry about.

Paranoid mode back on:

rgds..KB Koh, the now paranoid guy in Malaysia who is right now rushing 
              back home to turn off all power to his fish tank.