Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #301

Karen Randall wrote...... 

> The vals I've seen collected from the wild came with seashells 
> imbedded in their roots, which gives you an idea of the kind of 
> water they were growing in. (some of the clams were still alive) 
> So i suppose it could be the soft water causing them a problem.  I 
> know it is also intolerant of copper, which is why I can't grow 
> it.
If  I am not mistaken Karen you wrote on the several occasions, you 
cannot grow some plants because of high copper content in your 
(Boston?) area water. Why don't you try to remove (reduce) it?? You
can just add a drop of iron chloride. You have to be carefull though 
because in this process hydrogen carbonate is consumed and this may 
lead to a fall of Ph value (on overdose only).  As far as I can think
this is the only side effect that you should be concerned with. If I 
am not mistaken Dupla sells this product under the trade name 
"Duplacrys". I have never bought it myself (no need for this water) 
but I think it should work just fine.

If you are concerned about adding chemicals to your water (I know I 
always am) perhaps some of the chemists on the list may care to 
elaborate on this; dosing etc...

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