Cultivation of Glossostigma

Need some help if anyone can.

I, through a friend, have managed to get a small supply of Glossostigma, or
perhaps I sould say I will have it in hand by Thursday.  It is only a small
supply.  I intend to grow it out in a seperate 10 gallon tank under as close to
it's optimum conditions as I can.  Once I get enough of it I'll start playing
with it in aquariums, but for now I want to do whatever I can to get it going.
Stuff is just too hard to get to kill what little I will have.

From some other post here I have gathered it prefers emersed conditions.  So I
have been considering growing it in bog type conditions.  Use Minnesota top
soil, which is high in clay content and very rich, keep the soil covered by
water, but no more, and use flourescent lights hanging over the tank which I
though I would cover with glass to keep humidity high.  But this is strictly a
guess and nothing more.

Does anyone have concrete knowledge as to what is the best way to cultivate
this plant?  Any help would be very much appreciated.

Doug Valverde 75051.160 at compuserve_com -or- dvalver at ibm_net