Cooner Wire

 Well, I received today in the mail two samples of wire from Cooner
Wire. I read about them in the Krib/Plants/Tech series of articles on
DIY substrate heating so I gave them a call. The gentleman I've spoke
with was extremely helpful and sent me samples of the silicone rubber
coated and the PVC coated one, both in 36 gauge. Unfortunately they
are very, very thin (O.D. .0258, it doesn't say if that's inches or
mm). I was hoping they would be similar to the EKG hook-up wire that I
have at work, which is a thick 1/8" silicone coated. The Dupla ones
are 1/8" too so, until I setup the big tank, bye-bye substrate heating


 Didi Soichin
 nitro at oeonline_com
 Westland, MI, USA