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Re:Bolbitis heteroclita      Chinese Waterfern
Fam.: Lomariopsidaceae

Distribution: Northern Himalaya to southern China, Malaysia to New
The suitability of this fern for submersed life became known in 1975. A
useful bog fern for the larger bog aquarium; the shoot can float in the
water and develop its leaves in the air. The greenish-brown, creeping
rhizome is up to 1cm (1/3") thick with black-brown roots.Leaves are
alternate, stalked, 20-80cm (8"-31")long with 1-4 pairs of lateral
pinna. The terminal pinna grows up to 20cm (8") long, 7cm (2 3/4 ")
wide, and often has a slender, tail-like appendage over 20cm (8 ") long
in the land form. Lateral pinna are shorter and narrower, 10-17 cm
(4"-6 2/3") long and 2-4 cm (3/4"- 1 2/3") wide. The edge is undulate
and is sometimes dentate at the tip. From the midrib, 16-18 pairs of
lateral veins branch almost horizontally; the leaf is fairly bullate in
between. The aquatic form remains smaller and develops only one pair of
lateral pinna. The rhizome will have to be fastened to a stone or wood
at first. Later, it will attach itself with new roots. Growth is
generally moderate, and new leaves take relativly long periods of time
to develop. Best placed in roomy aquaria with water that is not too
hard. Young shoots can be cultivated for a time in smaller receptacles.
Not necessarily an ideal aquarium plant. Propagation: dividing the
shoot, lateral shoots, and adventitious plants on the leaves.
D: 3, KH: 2-10, pH: 5.5-6.8, T: 22-26 C(72-79 F), AH: 2-3

Source: Baensch vol. 2

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