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subject; Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.

Hopefully this will reach you all, as, I am very new at this e-mail
stuff. I sent something earlier and the reply said that it was
forwarded from the "owner aquatic-plants". So I'll try this address and
see if it reaches everybody.

Jim asked for information on the AGA in message #292, since the
"Southern Colorado Aquarium Society" had Dorothy Reimer from Ontario,
Canada out here a few months back, I thought I'd pass a hint on and
give you all the address.

For problems with hair algae in freshwater tanks, the best thing for
them is moonlight gourami. That seems to be a huge secret. Since than
some of our members went on a moonlight gourami hunt, as some of us
have a least one planted tank with this problem. Guess what, it really
works...... I have even told some of the local Pet store owners and
they have tried it. 

As far as ancistrus go, they are great for other types of algae,
especially the dwarf ancistrus.They don't over power the tank and they
do a good job. I would stay away from the farlowellas as far as putting
them in a tank with Discus as the falowellas have a habit of sucking on
them. Not to good for the Discus... Trumpet snails are another plus,
not only do they eat algae, but they stir the gravel up, as they are a
burrowing type snail. They do multiply rather quickly, so you do not
need to start out with alot of them. As far as I know they do not eat
plants, at least I can say that they have not eating any of mine.

AGA info:
Membership Secretary, Dorothy Reimer
83 Cathcart Street
London, Ontario, Canada, N6C3L9

Computer Network Liaison-Internet
Vinny Kutty
800 NW 18th Ave #13
Gainesville, FL. 32609
(cichlid at pine_circa.ufl.edu)

Good luck to all and happy tanking.

Sharon (shetaz at kktv_com)