Lighting, MH vs. Fluorescent

Subject: Lighting, MH vs. Fluorescent
> One fact that many people are neglecting is the additional cost 
> cool down ones house with the addition of lights.  Donw here in 
> our marvelous warm winter weather) we usually have to start runn
> conditioning about April 1 to November-December.  The additional
> from MH lighting would cause me to run my air conditioning even 
> this would be a MAJOR consideration in my thinking about using t
> lighting!  Flourescents are remarkable cool in comparison, even 
> running many of them.  

While I am not convinced that MH's are _cheaper_ than T-8 
fluorescent lighting, I don't believe that this is correct.  I 
believe that on the basis of heat/watt or heat /amount of light, 
fluorescent and MH bulbs are comparable.  Incandescent bulbs 
produce more heat and less light, but from what I've been told, 
MH's run relatively cool for the amount of light they produce.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA