Anubias identification

In recent postings to this list there have been a number of questions about
identification of Anubias species. I was quite flattered to see that my
revision of the genus even was mentioned. The "species" A. frazeri
or A. colleafolia are completely unknown to me. I'd appreciate any
more detailed information although I suspect that both will be just trade

In general, Anubias species are highly variable. It is very difficult,
and often impossible, to distinguish species based on vegetative
characters (leaf form or size) alone. The varieties within A. barteri
(angustifolia, barteri, caladiifolia, glabra, and nana) are distinguished
from each other by their leaf form, however. (But to separate them from
other species an inflorescence is necessary).

I presented a detailed key to determine the different species and varieties
in my 1979 revision. An updated version of that was presented in the German
translation, published in 1987. This updated version of my revision
(with many gorgeous photographs in color provided by several friends of
mine) was published as a special issue of the German journal AquaPlanta.
I have recently been asked for permission to reprint the issue, so that
it should be available again soon.

If people are interested, I could post an English translation of the
updated determination keys. Also, if anybody has difficulties identifying
his Anubias: just send me either a good photograph of an inflorescence and
a (mature!) leaf or (preferably) a dried mature leaf and an inflorescence.

Regarding the identifications presented in popular books on aquatic plants,
there is not much I can say. I didn't see those mentioned in this list 
recently. But most popular books often give wrong names attached to the
wrong plants, not only for Anubias species, by the way (the worst example I've
ever seen being the Rataj/Horeman book). I could venture an opinion if
somebody would provide me with some good quality photocopies of the relevant
text and figures.

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