>                                CRI     Initial Lumens  Price
>  Phillips 5000K Ultralume T-12  85          2925       $10.96
>  Phillips 5000K TL850 T-8       84          2950       $ 4.64
>Gee, that was easy.  I *love* T-8s!  Ballasts are cheap, too!
>Magnetek has a 4 T-8 ballast (B423I120RH) for $41.20.  Then I looked
>back at the bulb section, and saw...
>  Phillips 5000K Advantage T-10  80          3700       $10.67
>Hmm.  CRI isn't quite as good, they're a little more expensive, but a
>25% increase in lumens sure sounds good!
>Does anyone have experience with the Advantage bulbs?  Advice?

Ok, I haven't spent the time studying this that some of you have, so anyone
care to explain what CRI stands for and what it means?


David W. Webb in 90F Plano TX, where the air is smoky from all of the grass
fires in the area.