Re: Lighting, MH vs. Florescent and Re: Wizard Electronic Ballast

>From:  (Dirk)
>Subject: Lighting, MH vs. Florescent
>Since I'm thinking of going with a 75gal, I gather that I'll need more than
>200W of light.  If I went the florescent route, I would have to have 5 or 6
>bulbs.   Dollar-signs flash before my eyes as I think of replacing
>vita-lights or something like that every 6 months.  I have many questions,


I also have a 75-gal (5' long) tank.  I only use three 40W bulbs.  At first
I only had two 40W bulbs, and the plants weren't doing all that well.  Then
I added another 40W bulb, and the improvement was immediate.  However, if I
were to do it again, I'd add another 40W (total of four 40W bulbs), because
although most of my plants are doing well, the low plants at the gravel
surface (pigmy chain swords) aren't doing well.  Perhaps there isn't enough
light at that depth.  Also it doesn't look quite as bright as before now
that the tall plants are providing lots of shade.  So in my opinion you
don't have to have 5 or 6 bulbs.  Four would be fine if you use brighter
bulbs (like Ultra Tri Lux, which also retain their high output longer) and
electronic ballasts (I use a dual Wizard Electronic Ballast and a single
Magnatek Electronic Ballast).

>From: Jeong Ho Lee <JLEE at park_com>
>Subject: re:  Wizard Electronic Ballast 
>>> Does anyone have any experience with Wizard Electronic Ballast Kits 
>>> Coralife?
>I do. And I don't like it. I bought two 40W-Model's. Each can handle 2 
>40W lamps. Both of the ballasts show about 15-20min delay. I mean, when 
>you turn on the switch, the lights don't come on immediately. The delay 
>is not like old start-buld type delay. The ballasts just wait without 
>doing anything. But when I first bought them, they started immediately. 
>So, I guess there may be electronics circuit design problem which can be 
>manifested under a certain-but-common situation.

Why did you say "certain-but-common" situation?  

I have been using a Wizard Electronic Ballast for a couple of years without
any problem.  The lights come on right away, ballast stays cool and quiet.
I use it to power T10 40W bulbs.

Hoa in sunny, warm and gorgeous San Diego.