Re: Anubias, H. polysperma, Denitrification

In APD V1 #263, Karen Randall lamented:

> I also got "suckered" into paying too much money for a 
> "variegated" nana, which, under good conditions in my tank 
> reverted to its normal coloration!<g>

While mucking about with my Poor Man's Dupla Drops,  I managed to get my
nana to develop variegated leaves.  I don't recall the exact circumstances,
but I seem to remember that the CO2 was off for a few days (I was using yeast,
and the outlet had become completely plugged) and I was dumping in large
amounts of Mg (it wasn't part of my mixture at the time, and I was dumping
in a 1/4tsp epsom salts daily).  Since that time my nana has been sprouting
normal leaves in abundance.  Too bad, because the variegated leaves are
really very pretty.
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