Using W/D filter as CO2 chamber

Since it seems that CO2 reacter design is a hot topic again,
I just thought that I would re-open the question of whether
or not using the W/D filter as the CO2 chamber is a good idea.
I know that at least John Schmaus is doing this successfully
but has anyone else attempted it ?

Here are some of the issues as I recall:
	* saturating the bio-ball chamber with CO2 will drive
	  out the O2; however, this might not be a problem because
	  the water will be high in O2 from the plants.
	* There will be some leakage of CO2 around the top of the
	  W/D, but I suspect that there will not be very much.
	* Opening the W/D to clean the drip pad will cause much/most
	  of the CO2 to escape.
	* Depending on fish load the W/D might be a redundant filter
	  anyway so even if it loses some of its capacity there
	  probably wont be a noticable increase in water parameters.

If the W/D can be used without problem this would really be a
cheap alternative to even some of the DIY designs and it would be
very efficient since the drip plate and bio-balls spreads the water
evenly around the chamber.

What to people think ?


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