Re: Yippee, almost (false siamensis)

> I have purchased a "False Siamensis"
> (Epalzeorhynchus sp. or Garra taeniata).  The article doesn't say whether
> this fish will eat red algae or not.  Does anyone know whether it's going
> to consume any?  

I don't think they eat red algae, at least normally.  I know one case
anyway:  a pet shop got a big school of them, and they cleaned all the
algae, including red, from that tank.  My guess is that they were so
starved when they arrived, that they ate just anything.

> also raises the question:  what should I feed it till I move it to the
> bigger tank.

Flakes, cooked or raw soft vegetables, tiny living or frozen critters,
tablets, pellets - they eat it all.  I hope you don't have anything that
looks too much like it (another Garriane fish or anything with a black
horizontal stripe) in the tank, at least smaller than it is, because it
might start chasing them.  My old false s, Nelson, used to chase the
green Garra I had with it until one day the Garra was bigger and started
harrassing Nelson.  My red-tailed shark helped him in that chase, and it
continued until poor Nelson suicided last December.  Now I have a new
false s in another tank, and it sometimes chases young kribs and kerri

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