Aquarium Hood

Jeff wrote:

I want a full hood that will provide the proper light for my old ( I mean old
) Perfecto 55 gallon tank and still fit as well as the Perfecto full hood
that came with the tank.  I don't have a problem with the height of the hood
though.  I must be able to have full access to clean and work in the tank as
I can do now.  Anyone willing?  Jeff

I recommend following George Booth's design for a hinged aquarium hood. I
followed his design with a few modifications to fit a 48 gal. and I love
the results. It holds 4, 4 foot florescent bulbs and folds back out of the
way when you want to work in the tank. I made mine out of 1/8 inch plywood
instead of masonite and therefore didn't need a frame. Otherwise it is the
same design, and stained to match the piece of furniture that the tank sits
on, it looks terrific.

BTW I use one electronic balist to run all four lamps and put it in the
back half of the hood. This keeps the weight down, specially in the half
you lift.

You can find George's hood instructions on the WWW at: