re: Expert to build hood


I am not an expert, but I have built several canopies for my tanks.  It really
is not that hard to do.  I've written one file on how to do this, but am in the
process of writting another which has more detail, and which with any luck at
all will be finished by Monday.  For a 55 gallon I'd suggest you have the hood
hinged in two places.  The front hinged piece would be pretty narrow, but is
sufficient for feeding and wyphoning water out.  The second hinge would be on
the very back and would be used only when cleaning the tank or changing the
bulbs.  A nice looking wood hood, which could hold four lamps, including
painting and varnishing would costs around 50 bucks.

I would not want to do this for you, it takes some time, not the assembly, but
the varnishing, and I do not have the time to do it.  If you would like though
I'll be happy to send you the files I've written, but it will be a few days
before I can send the second one.  The cutting of the wood is no problem if you
live near any major city, a Home Depot for example, will cut all the wood for
you for almost nothing.  Then all you have to do is assemble it and paint,
varnish, or cover however you like.