Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #245


>I'm looking into future lighting considerations, prompting the following:
>Not having any background in either EE or office building facilities, I looked
>at the listing of electronic ballasts in the online Grainger catalog (
>http://www.grainger.com/cgi-bin/ecat2b?13386663:125 ) and couldn't make heads
>nor tails of exactly what was being offered.
>I know that I want a 4 tube ballast that will work with T8 tubes, but I also
>want it to work for my current T12 tubes.  The prices are really nice, with
>none of the 4 tube ballasts over $60, and most of them not over $45.  I'm
>looking at the following parts:
>BLST-(4)FO32T8, 120V     75% LIGHT OUTPUT
>4/17-40W RH BLST 120V    I assume this is a reduced harmonic ballast too.
>4/34-40W R/S BLST 120V   4 LAMP 34-40W 120V T-12 RAPID START BALLAST
>What I'm not certain of is that any or all of these are electronic ballasts,
>and what the reduced harmonic means or the 75% light output means.  I have this
>feeling that I don't want to have anything to do with a ballast that advertises
>75% light output as opposed to 100%.  Only one was marked as a T-8 and one was
>marked as a T-12.  There were also a number marked as T-5 and I haven't heard
>any talk of that type of tube on this list.  Also, some were marked IC and some
>were marked CIC; what are these?  Some of the ballasts were marked as dimming
>ballasts.  Do they just kill one light at a time or do they actually dim a fl
>Anyone care to explain to me what I'm looking at here?

I'm not quite sure what a reduced harmonic ballast is but from the price
and description my guess is that it is an improved version of an inductive
ballast (iron, copper, and varnish). I just ordered the Grainger 3V957
ballast to drive 4 24" bulbs, made by Magnetek (part number B432I120RH).
This is an electronic ballast. It converts the AC line voltage into high a
high frequency AC current source. (Same principle as a switching power
supply.) The incandescent starter filaments at the end of the tubes are not
required, as the ballast is capable of generating high voltages to
initially energize the lamp. This is a parallel ballast meaning that a
deffective or missing tube will not keep the others from lighting.

The grainger catalog is a bit confusing, I called Magnetek-Triad promptly
had my questions answered. If you are using 4 foot bulbs, you need the big
brother to my ballast. Catalog's and phone numbers are at work, so drop an
e-mail if you need a phone or part number.


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