Bulbs/Far Red Light

 Subject: Bulbs/Far Red End?

> The only concern I have about the G
> Aquarium bulb is that it says on the package that unlike other b
> produces a relatively high emission of far-red radiation that pr
> and flowering of many types of plants.  I think I read here on t
> the far-red spectrum can be bad for aquarium plants and possibly
> growth.  Anyone know anything about this?  

According to "Biology of Plants" by Peter H. Raven and Helena 
Curtis, while red light promotes plant growth, far red light turns 
it off like a switch.  Experiments were done where if the the far 
red light was turned off last, the plants would stop growing 
completely. (until the next light period)  These _were_ 
terrestrial plants, though, not aquatics.  I guess they use this 
principle to control the growth and flowering of various flowering 
plants offered commercially so they all come into bloom at the 
same (chosen) time.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA