Lillaeopsis and Rotala macrandra

Subject: substrate for lileopsis & r. macrandra

> I was thinking of adding lileopsis (sp.?) and rotala macrandra t
> desktop 5.5 gal tank.  What would be a good soil to use with ver
> Potting soil or soil from my backyard garden which has a lot of 
> Also, would 30 watts of daylight flourescent be enough for r. ma
> a 5.5 gal?  If so, should I pot it?

If you have sufficient light, and a fine substrate, lillaeopsis 
should do fine.  You _may_ find that you need supplemental CO2 
with this light level too.

I've definitely found that at least in my tanks, Rotala macrandra 
does _much_ better potted with soil.  I just use potting soil for 
convenience.  The problem I see is that if your R. macrandra does 
well, you'll have a hard time controlling it in a 5.5G tank.  In 
my 55G, it is curling all over the top of the tank by the time I 
do my next weekly water change/plant pruning session.  It grows 
like weeds if it's happy.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA