re: Substrate Gold

Subject: re:  Lighting, Fertilizers, etc.


>I've never tried laterite, but I will await answers to your questions
>eagerly, as I'm planning my next tank and will soon have to decide about
>lighting and substrate myself.

>Owen Jeffries of _FAMA_ seems to think Schoeler Enterprises' Substrate Gold
>(an artificial laterite) is the best thing for plants since sliced bread
>(no, I don't think he recommends sliced bread for a substrate).  I think I
>can find the address in MN if you're interested.  I think I've seen Karl
>Schoeler's name somewhere on this list or on a FAQ, so perhaps he will want
>to contact you directly.

>I'd be interested in knowing whether anyone here has tried Substrate Gold.
>I gather from Jeffries' column that its main attraction is that it is every
>bit as good as Dupla laterite, but cheaper.

I have used it and it is just as good as Dupla, but at a much reduced price.

Bob Hoffman
Huntington Beach, CA