Absolute concentrations for disinfecting

Roger was good enough to post ratios for common disinfectants and a length
of time for soaking.

Would Roger (or someone else) also say what absolute concentrations we're
talking about? That is, when the ratio is 1:1000, are we talking
gram:grams, teaspoons:teaspoons, or some kind of solution that itself is a
percentage (1 cc of 12% solution to 1 liter of water)? Thank you.

Copper Sulfate    1:2,000   1 min

37% Formalin    1:500     15 min
                            1:5000     1 hour

Potassium Permanganate  1:1000  30 sec
                                          1:100,000       30 min

Methylene Blue  1:350,000       4 days

Malachite Green 1:15,000        20 sec
                           1:200,000       1 hour

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