Marine plants meeting in the FishRoom

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       Special Saturday Session combined reef/planted tank meeting:
                  "If Abraham Lincoln Had An Aquarium"
                   by Dustin Laurence and David Webb

                 2 PM Fishroom time Saturday February 3
                in the Auditorium off the Entrance hall.

       Dustin and David will discuss some concepts for both marine and
       freshwater planted tanks which are both new and very old and
       unlike most of the tanks seen today.  Aquarists interested in
       both FW planted tanks and marine invertebrate tanks are
       particularly encouraged to attend.

       The Saturday Sessions are informal discussions/lectures on
       topics usually related to aquarium ecology.

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I will point out that Dustin's been doing the really interesting research and
I've just been asking questions and giving the FishRoom reefers some seriously
non-modern requirements to-date.  I'm designing a marine equivalent (macro
algae) of the 5.5g micro plant tank at my office, and my incessant probing
prompted Dustin's research into ultra low-tech marine tanks and the meeting
announced above.  More on that at the meeting.  :-)

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