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Subject: Nitrate in Planted Discus Aquarium

Subject: Nitrate in Planted Discus Tank..

I have set up a 29 gallon, planted aquarium.  Ammonia and nitrites have
cycled to the not perceptible range, according to my kits.  I tested today
for Nitrate with a Wardley kit.  The kit showed Nitrate to be in the first
range, or aproximately 10.0 ppm (mg/L).  How important is Nitrate in the
Discus home?

The kit I used specified certain 'freshwater conditions' as being acceptable
ranges.  For fresh water, the kit indicated that for freshwater the range
should be 40.0 to 60.0 ppm.  Any advice?

Also, I discovered the other evening on a swordplant leaf a healthy growth
of a hair-like greyish form of algae.  I quickly removed the leaf.  I added
some Kent liquid plant additive to encourage growth of plants.  Any comments
or suggestions?