Re: "Freshwater Reefs"

>I have a 5 gallon plant/algae/snail/worm/aphid tank on my
>desk here at work.  For several reasons, there are
>no fish in it.  It sits on a shelf above the monitor,
>which effectively heats the tank to a permanantly
>constant 82F (heat from the base, through the substrate).

Charley, tell me about your apids.  I have baby platies in my 5.5g at the 
office, but I occasionally supplement their algae/root hair diet with flake 
food.  Aphids could be a good way to provide them with the protein they need 
and then all I have to do is occasionally drop in a Dupla drop.

How do you keep the aphids from getting out, or do they ever try?

Also, on a micro tank like mine, I've found that one plant type definitely 
tends to take over in different areas of the tank.  Java fern appears to be 
slowly taking over the emersed part, while Java moss appears to be taking over 
the submersed part.

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