Thanks to Kevin and Roger

Thanks Kevin for your sensible list and advice. I definately *won't* bother
with the acid.
>Fe - iron
>K2SO4 - potassium sulphate
>KNO3 - potassium nitrate
>MgSO4.7H20 - Epsom salts
>9M HCl - 9 Molar (i.e. very concentrated) hydrochloric acid
>K2SO4, KNO3, and trace element mix are available at hydroponics
>shops.  Epsom salts can be phound at any pharmacy.  Hydrochloric acid
>can be obtained from hardware/home renovation stores.  If you don't
>know how to handle concentrated acids, skip the HCl and keep the drops
>in the refrigerator.
>        Hi, Roger here. Besides being a Hoosier, I'm also a Chemist, or
>at least that's what the degree states.  Here is what I make of the
>hieroglyphics above:
and thank you, Roger, for your detailed and wonderful explanation of all
those mysterious ingredients. I always knew I liked chemistry but I never
realized how *fun* it was! :)

I'm sure you're a chemist but what's a "hoosier"? What on earth do you need
*dry* gasoline for? I don't have any teenagers so I'll have to tell the old
farmers that I need the salt peter to slow my husband down. :>

in Vancouver where it *has* stopped raining and where an *eagle* swooped
past my car today! :) We've got blue skys, very green grass, snowy
mountains and -- rain be damned -- I LOVE it here. (Sorry --  had to do