re:High-Intensity lights question

>Is more intense light really needed to grow algae or just longer hours?

You can probably get waterborne algae either way, but longer hours is 

>For my daphnia culture have a plastic garbage pail with a 100 W bulb mounted
>in the lid.  I fertilize with a little garden fertilizer and leave the light
>on all the time.  There is plenty of green algae growing on the sides and
>surface and lots of daphnia.

If you add snails, you'll get more waterborne algae, but the daphnia will 
probably do a good job of clearing it too.

>I would love to get the green water, suspended algae.  I guess I have to
>wait for spring to get a wild culture.

Nah.  Just put a few snails in.  You should already have waterborne algae, it 
just needs an advantage over the filamentous algae.  The snails will quickly 
multiply and consume the algae, leaving your tank a nice fertilizer soup.  The 
waterborne algae won't be able to resist growing, although the daphnia may 
consume it as fast as it grows.

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