Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #194

I've finally gotten my Sandpoint CO2 system up and running. Comments on 
this list were very helpful, and thanks to those contributors. I have a 
couple of questions, since it came with no instructions.

Are there any guidelines to setting the bubble rate? I'm using the 
Sandpoint reaction chamber, a long green tube within a tube. Since my pH 
did a fast nosedive while trying the initial setup, I don't want to mess 
with it too much, but I don't want the system to over-react either.

The airline tubing that came with the system is a black rubber. Is this a 
special tubing to handle co2? I'd like to get a longer piece, but I'm not 
sure what to use.

-Don Pickerel-
(And George, if you keep giving weather reports from my home state, you 
might end up with me and a sleeping bag on your front porch) :-) from wet 
and dreary Mountain View