Jack's Tanks and T-8 Sources

Subject: Jack's tank

Dan Resler wrote:

> > Jack is being very modest.  This is a _gorgeous_ tank.  He doe
> > grow some plants that are generally considered to require stro
> > light. This tank won our very competitive B.A.S. Home Show 
> > "Natural" division last year, and I hate him 'cause he beat me

> So - where are the photos?

During the Home Show, I video tape the tanks while Lee Finley does 
the still photography, and judges the tanks.  I want to go back 
down to Jack's some time along with my still camera, but kids, 
horses, cats, gardens, tanks and this darn computer keep getting 
in the way ;-)  People who have Compuserve access have seen my 
tanks, it's just laziness that has kept me from sending some pics 
to Erik.

Subject: T8 Lighting Sources

> I recently came accross an electronic ballast that says it run
> 4 F32T8 bulbs but I have been unable to identify what an F32T8 i
> seen some conversation on this list on the subject of T8 lights 
> that an F32T8 is a 4' 32 watt T8 bulb which is equivelant (or be
> to the standard 4' 40 watt T12 bulbs due to the higher efficienc
> electronic ballasts. 

You've got it.  That's exactly what they are.

> If anyone knows of a good mail order source for these bulbs 
> be appreciated as well, asking for them at local fish stores has
> mostly blank stares. :)

I don't know of a mail order source, and it's highly unlikely that 
you'll find them in a pet shop. (and when they get around to 
carrying them, they'll charge too much for them anyway. ;-)

I'd try a commercial lighting supplier.  I've been told you can 
get them through Grainger.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA