CO2 Bottle and Safety

Subject: CO2 Bottle and Safety
> I finally got a 5lb. CO2 bottle and a FROG.(the same one George 
> message I read).  Just waiting for a needle valve.
> My questions concern safety with this bottle.  It is going to be
> so I want to take all precautions in keeping this bottle from sp
> I have read all the mishaps and what there is about safety in th
> I don't so anything stupid and have the bottle erupt on her.
> Any safety suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Unless your fiance is a committed and involved participant in this 
project, all I can say is DON'T DO IT!!! Without a pH controller, 
a CO2 system has to be monitored frequently, particularly in the 
beginning.  Even when it is adjusted and has not needed to be 
"tweaked" in quite some time, it needs to be at least eyeballed on 
at least a daily basis for safety sake.  It's too easy to kill a 
whole tank full of fish if the CO2 goes into overdrive 

Even with a pH controller, I would want some one present to keep 
an eye on the system and make adjustments as necessary.

As far as the bottle itself is concerned, _it_ has the potential 
to be even more dangerous, especially to humans.  When 
transporting a CO2 cylinder, make sure it can neither tip over or 
roll.  If a tank falls over, and the valve is knocked off the top, 
it has the potential to become an unguided missle with the 
strength to punch through a wall, a parked car or a small child.  
CHAIN the tank in an upright position to an immoveable object, 
whether it is the aquarium stand or a dedicated fastener on the 

CO2 is a wonderful tool when working with aquatic plants, but it 
must be handled properly to avoid potentially devastating