Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #182

} From: Jack D OLeary <jdo at world_std.com>
} Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 21:54:22 +0001 (EST)
} Subject: Lighting for 2 foot deep tank
} I have used standard 48" FL shoplights (4, for a total of 8 x 40 w =
} watts of light) on my "optimum" 120 gallon, 2 ft. deep tank for the
} year.  Plant growth has been generally good, though some plants that
} prefer stronger light (Hygrophila sp., Mexican Oak Leaf) have not done
} well as I had hoped.

I have about the same setup and basically the same results, my
Hygrophila has finally started taking off, but the Mexican Oak Leaf
doesn't look that great. My Bacopa caroliniana has never seemed to
do a well as I have seen it. However, my Ludwigia has always looked

} These fixtures are mounted on a massive hood, which is suspended from
} ceiling by chains, so that it can be raised and lowered with some
} effort.  I recently refitted two of the fixtures with electronic
} and T-8 bulbs, which has made the hood noticeably lighter.

What combination of electronic ballasts and T-8 did you use and where did
you get them ?

} So, normal or T-8 flourescents have worked quite well for undemanding
} plants in a 2 foot deep tank, and if you "roll your own" hood, they are
} much cheaper than MHs.
} - - Jack O'Leary
For start up costs I agree. If you look at the costs they look like:
	(4) 48" shop lights 	~$15 ea	==> $ 60.00
	(8) 48" FL lights	~$15 ea ==> $120.00
	DIY mounting		~$100	==> $100.00 (at the high end)
					    $280.00 to build a 8 bulb

However I have seen MH in mail order TFP for about ~$250 (maybe more),
but you need two lights. If you consider the replacement costs and
operating costs for FL the MH might be cheaper in the long run.
Has anyone done the $$$ for the long term cost vs startup costs for
MH vs FL ?


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