Daphnia & Green Water

From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
>I have always been able to get green water with a 15 gallon tank full of
>guppies and two or three 24" fluorescent lights.  It never fails as long as
>the tank isn't absolutely packed with plants.  You can't expect to produce
>green water in the tank with the Daphnia.  Make it in a tank with fish, and
>then move it to the Daphnia tank.

>When you say you would love to get some green water, it sounds to me like
>someone saying he would love to find some mosquitoes or blackflies in
>Canada in June.  How do you *not* get green water?

Thanks Paul.  I will try the tank with fish but without daphnia.
I  wonder if some municipal water supplies carry the algae while others are 
free of it. I know it is also air borne but there is probably not much 
floating around at Winnipeg's winter temperatures (keeps the mosquito 
population down though).  

Come to think of it, I have never had green water (every other algae though).

From: "Anne Nicholls"  <ANNE at southend_wayne.edu>
>I saw that you were tralking about keeping daphnia. I'm having
>horrible luck at keeping the little guys and I was wondering if you
>(and anyone else out there) could help me out by telling me (in
>detail if you could) how you start and maintian a daphnia tank.

Hi Anne, 

Daphnia seem to be very hardy.  I started keeping them this fall when I 
started raising emperor tetras.

Green water would increase my production but they seem to survive in a jar 
with water from a tank.  I forgot about them once for several weeks and they 
survived in the few drops of water that did not evaporate.   A garbage pail 
with a light in the lid seems to be working well.

Tell me more about what your doing to keep them and what is going wrong.

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