Re: Eheim Surface Extractor

> From: Eric Neustadter <ean at primenet_com>
> Does anyone on the list have any experience with Eheim's Surface 
> Extractor?  I'm thinking about ordering one to connect to a Fluval 
> 403, but I was hoping for some feedback first.

We have had one for quite a few years and are satisfied with it. It is
a little fussy to keep adjusted (more sensitive to water level than
you would think).  Also, it clogs easily when it extracts small leaves
and things other than scum.  It tends to clog when an otocinclus uses
it for a cave, just like powerhead aerator inlets. In this respect, it
doubles as a sorter for Smart/Dumb otocinclus.

A skimmer box for a wet/dry filter works much better but they tend to
not work well with canister filters. 

George in Sunny Colorado