Re. Fortnights and KH questions

A fortnight is once every two weeks.
dH means degrees hardness. It is used in measuring GH(General Hardness) and 
KH(Carbonate Hardness- Alkalinity).
It is used in the same context as ppm. i.e. 1 dH = 17.4 ppm.
BTW I'm NOT german.

hope this helps

>From: Tyson Lee <tyson at phoenix_net>
>Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 23:24:41 -0500
>Subject: FerroVit and KH Questions
>I recently purchased some FerroVit plant fertilizer and on the label it
>states it should be added every fortnight.  Can anyone, perhaps a German,
>tell me what a fortnight is?
>I also purchased a Tetra Carbonate Hardness kit to help me monitor my DIY
>CO2 injection.  It claims that the number of drops added is the amount of
>dH.  On the chart it shows the value in KH.  In this case, are
>these two terms synonymous?  I _do_ understand the difference between general
>and carbonate (alkalinity) hardness.  Just curious about them claiming the 
>reading is in dH.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Tyson Lee
>tyson at phoenix_net
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