Dual Light Strip Lights

This is my first post to this list and I want to say how much I have 
enjoyed lurking here.  I have learned a lot from your collective 
  I have a standard 20gal/high tank that came with the standard 1 bulb 
hood.  Since this is not enough light to grow most plants, I wanted to 
know if anyone has had any experience with the Perfecto Dual Light 
Strips.  Do these provide enough light for growing plants?  Are there 
any other options for those of us who are not handy with DIY projects?  
 Since this tank is in the living room I do not want a lot of visible 
wires, it needs to look neat.  I have access to stores in Jacksonville, 
FL and mail order sources.  Like so many others I do not have a lot of 
money to spend.  It is very frustrating for beginners trying to find 
hoods with enough light to grow plants when stores just want to sell 
you what they have in stock.
  The only thing I have been able to grow is Aponogeton sp.(?). While 
these are great I would really like to branch out.  
  Thanks in advance for any help.

Barbara Burbank