Extra plants on your hands???

Hi everyone,

I am interested in getting some more plants. I've bought commercially
(Deleware Aquatics-OK stuff); AZ Aquatic Gardens-NOT so OK). I have
also been fortunate enough to get some plants from George Booth and 
Karen Randell (both VERY, VERY NICE specimens; plants that is, although
George and Karen seem very nice too.)  :) 

I think getting stuff from people who frequent this group is the
ONLY way to go!

Anyway, if you are doing a bit of thinning and have some extra plants
you would like to get rid of...e-mail me. I need plants that can survive
hard water and high pH (8.0). I have 220 watts (2 VHO AquaSuns)on a 90 gallon;
and 40 watts (Triton; Ultra Tri-Lux) on a 20 gallon. Plus a 1000-2000
backyard pond (not complete yet).

Cheers, bill.

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University 
Tempe, AZ