Re: CO2 injection via wet/dry return

> From: KARL241 at gnn_com (KARL SCHOELER)
> Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 10:53:28
> Subject: CO2 injection via wet/dry return
> The subject of CO2 injected on the return side of a wet/dry is one
> I have intimate knowledge of.  I use multiple tank setups with a large

	[ Karl's description of his setup deleted ]
> plant growth.  It is extremely important to have the equipment on timers
> so that the CO2 injection corresponds with the lighting.

	I had to leave this last statement in, since there has been
	discussion on this.
> I'd like to hear from others who have tried something similar and learn of
> their successes and problems encountered.


	I'm injecting CO2 into my wet/dry (A Miracle 200 with an Eheim 1250
	sump pump).  I wanted to try this first, before buying a reactor, and
	so was excited to see your posting doing something similar.

	Here's my setup:

	- 135 gallon tank,  2' x 2' x 4.5'.
	- A Miracle 200 WD filter with Eheim 1250 sump pump.
	- Eheim 1217 canister filter for added biological filtration.  It's
	  not used for CO2 injection.
	- 8 4' fluorescent tubes (6 Vitalite, 2 50/50 Coralife)
	- 10lb CO2 tank with Victor Medalist CO2 regulator, set to ~10psi.
	- Solenoid to turn CO2 on with lighting
	- NUPRO fine metering valve set to ~4 bubbles/sec from 5/32"
	  nylon tubing.  Bubbles come out directly underneath the bio balls.
	- Dupla tablets and 24 hour drops, currently at 1/2 dosage due to
	  incipient brush algae outbreak.


	CO2 concentration is pretty stable at ~20ppm, according to Lamotte
	CO2 test kit.  Even though the CO2 is turned off at night, it's still
	around 20ppm in the morning before the lights (and CO2) come back on.
	Must be the plants breathing...

	Plant growth has been good, but I don't have any difficult species.
	My worst luck has been with pygmy chain swords, but they appear
	to be coming back in spots.  The tank has been in operation for 2
	months.  I think things will be better once I get the brush algae
	under control and can have a more stable system.

	The fish are doing fine.  The angelfish have spawned several times
	and I've seen what looks like courtship between the corydoras, but
	no eggs.