Re:[F][P] DIY Media for a wet/dry

Steven Dimitri wrote: 

> (stevendi at ozemail_com.au )
>I have nearly completed my DIY wet/dry filter and am now deciding on
>what types of media to use.
>I recently saw some 'practice golf balls'.
>they are the same size as normal golf balls but are hollow and have
>holes all over them. the holes are about 5mm in diameter.
>they are also made of a white plastic.
>would these work as media?

Never having run a wet/dry, my advice should be taken for what it's worth. 
:-) [i.e., it's free]

I would think the ratio of volume to surface area would be very high with 
practice golf balls, while a wet/dry needs a large *surface area*. The best 
suggestion I have heard is to use lava rock. The kind used in gas barbeque 
grills (at least in the US) is almost perfect -- small lumps of extremely 
porous, reasonably inert rock.

Almost any rock can be cleaned with a little pool acid and then chlorine 
bleach to remove soluble salts and organic contamination. [NOT at the same 
time, of course] Plastic may have some very nasty plasticizers in it, so I 
am cautious about using most of them in my tanks. 



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