Re: Diver?

Justin Frese <justin_frese at csufresno_edu> wrote:

>>I just started a tank about 4 weeks ago and put some live plants in.
>>Now I am getting a dark brown or black coating on the leaves and rocks 
>>and an diver I have in it. I was wondering if plants are causeing the
>>coating or is it something else in the tank? If you rub on the leaves
>>it kinda comes off but I am lost on what it could be. I took the
>>plants out in fear of it wrecking the rest of my setup or the fish.
>    This "mysterious" black stuff growing on your plants is a beloved
>thing called algae.
>     That is not what you should be worrying about though.  What the
>real concern is, is why do you have a DIVER in your tank!!!  We notice
>     It may not be algae though. Studies by the Dept. of Underwater
>Management and Maintenance In Emergency Situation (DUMMIES)  have
>shown that submersible toys , especially those embodying human
>figures, can cause extreme trauma to those fish commonly found in

Now Justin, you seem to be assuming an awful lot here, he never said it 
was a TOY diver...I can only assume that the diver was somehow thwarting 
the operation of the tank.  Perhaps there is a submerged oil line that 
is leaking, or the diver might be a special operative who sank a boat, 
and the black stuff is some petrol-polutant residue.

<smart-ass mode off>

Instead of taking the plants out of the tank, I would suggest adding 
more.  Also, just give it a little while to work the kinks out.  Is it 
coating the gravel as a sort of slick mat?  Tell us more about your 
aquarium if you still need assistance.

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