Microsorum pteropus 'Windel v'

The other day I visited my local aquarium shop.  As always I first
check out their plant section. My eyes immediately focused on 
the strange looking plants. There was about 20 or so of them. The 
tag in the pot(Tropica sends their plants always potted) said Microsorum
pteropus Windel v. 
As I reached in to get myself 3-4 pots I noticed the price tag $34.00 !!!!
The plants were only five inches tall. The plants are just too expensive
to buy a few at the time, without checking for compatibility and requirements.

At home I immediately checked all my books and could not find anything
written on this plant. However there was an article in The Aquatic Gardener
Mar - Apr 1995 issue written by Karen Randall.

I would like to find out some more info about this plant if anybody on the
Net had experience growing it. By the way I do have the "common" variety 
of Microsorum pteropus in my tank and it is doing splendid.

Franc Gorenc
Kitchener, Ontario