Re: aqua-terrarium suggestions

> From: Phillip An Sheppard <80934 at UDel_Edu>
> Hello,  I am currently constructing an aqua-terrarium out of a 75g tank.  
> I will be dividing the tank into two sections (75% soil, 25% water) by a 
> 5.5 inch high piece of glass.  My calculations show that my water section 
> (18x18x5.5) will hold about 7.7g of water.  I am looking for grass-like 
> plants that will thrive in 5.5 inches of water.  There is plenty of light 
> and the temperature is low 60-70F. The terrarium is going to be housing 
> 2-5 amphibians, but they will not eat the plants, but may occasionaly 
> trample the plants.  Also the water will be filtered.  If anyone out 
> there has a similar setup or any sugestions I would appreciate any 
> help.  Thanks in advance.

Initially, I'd suggest that you start with Ceratopteris and Salvinia.
You may have problems with algae and these plants will establish a
thick cover and reproduce quickly so you can scoop out or cut off
badly affected bits until you get the algae under control. You may
need to use a combination of fine gravel and rocks to provide the
terracing and to prevent a muddy bottom in the water area. Later on
you can introduce some species which will grow emersed from the water
such as Bacopa or Ludwigia or Hygrophila or preferably Cryptocorynes.
None of the above looks like grass but the Crypts would provide the
most aesthetic effect (IMHO) You could try Amazon chain sword or
Lilaeopsis which might stay submerged and provide a more grass like
effect. I think many kinds of Echinodorus can also grow partially
emersed; perhaps this is the effect you have in mind.

If you have specific amphibians in mind; why not research which types
of plants grow in their environment and try to duplicate that? No
frog habitat would be complete without a lilly pad, eh? ;-)
Seriously, though, if you are hoping to raise local amphibians, 
the best plants might be the local ones not to mention cheaper.