Re:power prep

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>Aquatic Plants Digest     Tuesday, 12 December 1995     Volume 01 : Number 125
>For those of you in colder places, hope you're better prepared than I am.
>It wasn't so bad, but I sure could use some sleep...
>       Living in Alaska, at the end of a gravel road, and the wind howling for
>a week now (with no snow yet!), with a planted tank and a 90 Gallon marine
>tank, I think about power failure all the time. Am well prepared: a rosary
>next to the plant tank, a St. Christopher statue by the marine tank, Sufi
>prayer beads hanging on the wall, an Orthodox icon of St. Mary, and a picture
>of Sri Krishna. I will accept any other possible helps (spells, incantations,
>etc.) :>
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