Thiel Laterite

>>They grow well regardless, but when I'm not adding CO2, their leaves
>>look to be fairly transparent and deteriorating, regardless of any
>>"fertilizers" I add to the gravel or water.  This probably has nothing
>>to do with the brand of laterite (more likely a lighting/CO2 imbalance
>>or some pleco grazing), but it's the one thing that makes me wonder if
>>I'd been better off using Dupla).

I've used both Dupla and Thiel's laterite.  Even set up two different tanks at
the same time, one with Dupla and one with Thiel's.  I could see no difference
at all.  As for dwarf swords, for me they grow much much better if some
organics (peat, soil, or whatever) is added.  When I had them in a tank with
laterite and peat in the substrata they took off.  In sand or gravel with just
laterite they do not do as well for me, regardless of light and CO2.

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