red brush algae, java fern and SAE's

Though my planted tanks have had various algae attacks over the years, I
don't believe I've ever had a problem with the red brush algae that seems to
plague so many others.  Is it possible that the stuff just doesn't thrive in
Milwaukee water, with a pH of 7.5 (up to 8.0 in some heavily planted tanks
without CO2), and a GH of abou 10dkh?  Or is it more likely due to the
red/blue lighting from using mostly Gro-Lux type bulbs (although I've used
Triton and Biolume on occassion)?  Or any other thoughts?  

Would those same water and lighting conditions explain why I have virtually
no success with Java fern?  Mine grow at a rate somewhere between Anubias
nana and stalactites.  Then after a few months they start to get some black
stringy algae on their edges and start declining.

Finally,does anybody have any clues about identification of small (1.5")
Siamese algae eaters?  There appear to be at least three species in a
shipment of flying fox and stone lappers I received recently.  According to
the key in the AGA article, many appear to be SAE's, but that's providing
their fins don't turn yellow as they grow.  I'd like to label and sell these
with the proper ID.  Any help would be appreciated.