Re: CAE's reputation

> >> Would they be any improvement over the Chinese Algae Eater?  
> >
> >Any fish is an improvement over the CAE.  At least oblongus is prettier and
> >shouldn't suck slime from its tankmates.
>         It seems that the CAE's are getting a bad rap. I've had 6 of them in
> my 250L tank for about a year. [snip]
> They seem to fight with each other, without any apparent damage. 

I tried keeping CAEs a few years ago. I'd get 3 or 4 but after a few weeks
there'd only be one left. Once they get larger, they get pretty competitive
with each other. I had adults; what's sold in stores is commonly juveniles.

Steve Pushak
Aquatic Gardeners Association (member ;-)