Spathiphyllum wallisii and algae

My 48 gallon (set up about 3 months ago) is going okay with some algae
problems. I realize I made some mistakes in setting it up by getting too
enthusiastic and buying plants that are better for a more established tank.
Oh well, I'm not in a panic yet. I've been reading more and have some

First -- most of the easy care plants have grown enormously (good sign?)
such as the wisteria, Indian fern, penny wort, giant hygro, and polysperma.

My anubias have a lot of fluffy green brush algae all around the edges of
the leaves and my cryptocorynes have the same thing on their stems. The
cryptocorynes, BTW, have already produced two new little ones so something
must be okay. This algae is also growing in a few clumps on the back glass
and on the filter. I now have 3 lovely little SAEs (the real ones) due to
the generous and much appreciated help of Erik Olson. They have a big job
ahead of them. Can this algae be discouraged with addition of iron rich
fertilizer or will that make it worse? The reading I have done seems to
indicate either could be the case.

The tank also has an algae bloom due I'm sure to the added light (since my
new hood) and probably too much fish feeding. I have taken the following
steps. Reduced the light -- lights now go off for two hours at noon;
stopped feeding the fish for now; added several floating water sprites;
added a second yeast bottle to produce more CO2 for the plants. The algae
bloom has thinned out over the last couple of days. Am I doing the right
things? Should I add fertilizer or withhold it?

Also, I recently obtained a large spathiphyllum wallisii as a gift. I did a
chlorine wash because it had algae on it and have planted it. I have read
that these are blacklisted BUT that some success has been had with this
variety. Any suggestions on the best way to grow it underwater?

Oh yes, one last thing. In my reading last night I came across something
that said that trumpet snails should not be put in a tank with ferlizers in
the substrate. Does this mean due to the Terralit in my gravel trumpet
snails are a no-no? I don't have any yet but wanted to get some.

Tank set up is:

48 gallon
gravel substrate with Terralit
4 florescent lights 48" 3 ultralume, 1 chroma 50
biolife filter
powerhead for CO2 injection - 2 yeast bottles
Temp 79 F
pH 7
hardness about 2.8
fish: 28 (too many?)

Thanks for any help and suggestions