Algea help

I wouldn't tear down the tank, you'll just end up with another algea
bloom in a couple months.

One part of the solution would be a couple of good algea eaters
(Siamese are the best, I hear, mine is a nice 2" guy). Get a couple
for the tank. The petshop guy I bought mine from said that the tank
he had his SAE was covered with algea before he put them in. They
were in the tank for a couple days and not doing much before he
realized that they'll eat regular food over algea if they're used to
it. He didn't feed them for a couple days and Poof! The algea

Tearing down the tank will more likely agravate the problem more than
solve it. Your system is out of balance and needs some "tweeking"
more than smashing.

Snails have also been successful in my tanks. You may or may not be a
snail person. I happen to prefer the little guys you find on a lot of
plants when you buy them. I've found them to be excellent algea

Good luck,