Re: Light Intensity Meter

>From: Jayme Donnelly <Jayme_Donnelly%BOND__NOTES at notes_worldcom.com>
>Date: 15 Nov 95 11:52:44 
>Subject: Light Intensity Meter
>>Bought one of those cheap lux meters ($40) and was surprised at the 
>>values being so low, especially in the non MH lit tanks.  
>>Several tanks that are supporting crypts don't get a signifcant reading.
>>This may be one of those places where the inverse square law and other 
>>theory aren't too important when you can get real numbers from fairly 
>>cheap test equipment.  We spend a fortune of lights, fertilizers, books, 
>>test kits etc.  I suggest we consider these underwater light meters to 
>>shed some light :) on the most important variable in making plants grow 
>>(other than water, that is).  
>>- --Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew
>This meter is an excellent idea.  May I ask where you got yours?  
>How does it work?  I appreciate the information.  Thanks in advance.
>- --Jayme

I know That Fish Place (1-800-733-3829) sells them (Sub-Lux Light Meter)
for $39.99 ---  I ordered one - see if it works???

I couldn't find it in the RC Stelle, Majestic, MOPS, and DALECO

Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA
rjw at aluxpo_att.com